Friday, October 28, 2011

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Thank you for visiting us at Shady Oaks Farm!  I took some pictures today to show you around.
This is Daisy and Captain, our farm dogs.  Captain is about seven years old and is (from what we guess) a border collie mix.  Daisy is one year old and a lab mix.  Daisy loves to play with the kids.  Captain is the alert guardian of the family.  They are both good dogs, but can be rascals.  I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of a burglar at our house, though!  haha!

This is our chicken coop.  Originally it was a very shoddy old shed that had housed chickens many years ago.  As of last year it held straw.  My husband insulated it and fixed it up into the hen haven it is today.  It's quite the beauty.

Here I am getting some loves from one of our Buff Orpington Pullets.  We have about 24 pullets and two cockerels.  Maynard is the main man here and Mansard is our "special" guy that has a bad case of wry tail.  Mansard hangs with the ladies most of the time.


There are our ladies hard at work.  We get about a dozen tan chicken eggs a day.  They sure do taste good!

And in closing, I give you the infamous "stink eye".  This little lady didn't want to be messed with today.  Perhaps she was a little camera shy.  I hope to update this every now and then for you all.  I hope all of your harvests were successful this year.
A beautiful Minnesota fall day

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