Monday, October 31, 2011


Today is Oct. 31st.  The kids are excited to go trick or treating tonight.  My younger son is going to be a firefighter and my older son is going to be spiderman.  We are going to decorate their trick or treat buckets later this morning.  The kids are now taking a bath.  Poor little guy has some lower GI issues so he's soaking his bottom.  Recently he has learned to blow his nose.  Unfortunately he has a runny nose, also which blows mucus EVERYWHERE!  Yesterday we got 14 eggs from the ladies.  I sure hope someone wants some eggs!  They're for sale if you're from the area.
  Our cornish cross chicks are a week and a half old.  I have NEVER seen such voracious eaters.  Since they gorge themselves to the brim, I neglected to refill their food yesterday.  (you have to restrict their diet somewhat or they'll get too big too quickly and die of heart failure.)  When I did feed them, they went crazy!  All these round puffballs sceaming and shoving each other out of the way to get to the food.  I have no doubt these chickens will be large and tasty come butcher time.  Mabel also went for the food.  It's great to see her eating regular chicken food. 
On a slightly sadder note, my mother's best friend passed away very unexpectedly two days ago.  She was helping her mother with some chores on the farm and developed a sudden headache.  While getting into the car to go to the hospital she developed speech and movement problems.  During the car ride she starting seizing and upon arriving at the hospital she was dead.  She had a massive brain bleed, also called a hemorrhagic stroke.  She was only 53 years old.  My mother took this news very hard.  They had just seen each other at a class reunion.  Hopefully everyone will note the symptoms of a stroke, no matter the age, and seek prompt emergency transport and treatment.  I don't think it would have made much a difference for my mother's friend since it came on so quickly. 
In closing, I hope everyone is having a joyous fall and halloween.  Remember to love your friends and family and live each day like it's your last.
Many Blessings to you, my friends,

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