Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Things have turned cold here in MN.  Not as cold as one would expect in the sub-arctic winters of dear MN, but cold enough to make your breath a white puff and to freeze your nostril hairs to one another.  Lately the snow has melted in a just-above freezing drizzle.  The chickens are happily playing in the mud.  Well, at least the ones that can get outside.  Our "chicks" have quickly turned into dirty-white obese orbs on drumsticks: the tell-tale sign butchering time is near.  The cornish-cross hybrid is quite the masterpiece of meat...that is if you can get past the amount of "input" and "output" that goes into this freak.  I am considering only growing these in spring and fall.

The kids are getting excited for Santa to visit soon.  They have been extra attentive in saying "I love you" and keeping their toy room clean.  Last month we visited the local farm co-op for pet pictures with santa.  We brought our cleanest pullet with us.  The kids shared a sucker that they got from the counter and patiently waited for their turn to see Santa.  There were plenty of other pets in the store which was fun for them to see.  Dogs, cats, a koi fish, turkeys, some very LARGE saint bernards.  The clerks giggled with joy to find out we brought a chicken with us.

Andrew wants a backpack and a drum for Christmas.  Santa agrees about the backpack but isn't so sure Mommy and Daddy would appreciate a  noisy drum.  An alternative present has been arranged.  One even noisier but meant for outside use.  Daddy took the kids for a ride on his snowmobile.  He rigged a sled behind and slowly tugged it around the yard.  The kids were quiet as they layed back in the sled.  I wasnt so sure they were enjoying it.  When taken off the sled, the kids screamed to go back in.  They came back inside the house frustrated they couldn't stay out longer, with rosy cold cheeks.  The house is decorated, the tree is up, and the shed and coop have multicolor lights.  Ari exclaims "Oh, wow!" when we pull into the driveway.

We wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a blessed new year.  We will keep you updated on the butchering.  I'm expecting it to be TASTY!

Shady Oaks Farm

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